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For everyone with beyond ordinary hair - featured on LJ Spotlight!
Welcome to dyedhair! Ask questions, post pictures, get advice and receive many compliments. Please review the guinelines before posting. Don't worry, they're quick and easy :)

1) Don't insult and mock the other members. Nobody wants to hear it. It'll get you banned quickly, and you won't be warned.
2) Absolutely no community promoting both in the community and in comments. Email me if it's related to cosmetics, maybe I'll consider it. (address is in the info.)
3) When posting more than one photo(unless they're relatively tiny), please use the LJ-Cut feature. 450 pixels is the maximum width to be posted before a cut. It's not a big deal, you'll just be told to change it if you don't comply. Your post will be deleted if you don't correct it.
4) Text-only posts are allowed as long as they have something to do with hair or hair colouring.
5) Please don't post pictures of Livejournal users you don't know unless you have their permission. This can reaaally upset people.
6) Don't stress out too much over the rules.

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Have fun!

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