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Red based black dyes
synth_sanity wrote in dyedhair
I don't know if this even exists. But I want a red based dye as dark as I can possibly get one, without going brown. I am asking for a lot, I know.
The problem is that I have ash based hair naturally. I have been dying it Shocking Blue for the past year but had to dye it a "conservative" shade temporarily without having much time to prep my hair for this. I chose black because I did not have time to bleach, blend, tone, etc. Black hair, with a natural ash undertone and blue based dye underneath is having the unfortunate, and not unexpected, result of fading to a green/brown colour in many places, especially ones that are over processed. I have been told to use a dye with red undertones to counteract the ash, but it is not healthy enough to bleach out and redo in a red or purple, and I can only find black dyes that are blue based. 
Long story short, can I keep my hair blackish while using a red based dye? I look awful in swamp hair. 

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I had this same problem. What I did to prevent more damage to my hair was use the darkest manic panic red I could find over the top of the washed out black and it turned out really nice! I got tons of compliments on it and I never get compliments haha. It doesn't last super long though. I've used special effects before and loved it but I have to order it online and manic panic is just so much easier to obtain for me.</p>

Since then I've switched to pravana vivids, but you cannot bleach over these.

What shade did your black begin to fade to before you started adding the red to it?

It was grey from what I remember. But still dark at the roots. It evened out with the dye over it.

Special Effects is really mixable so maybe add a little burgundy-wine or blood-red to their black?

I was thinking of adding red into the black, or over the top, but I don't think this is going to correct my problem because it is not taking away the blue/green undertones, just mingling with it, which may be worse. I cannot seem to find any reviews to determine the undertones of any of the Manic Panic or Special Effects black dyes.

Hi, I'm having exactly the same problem. Can i ask what you did in the end?

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