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Raw Deep Purple
Does anyone have any extra bottles of RAW Deep Purple? Partial or full are both fine.

It's been recalled as people were complaining it was too blue (which I liked lol). But I've been using it for 10+ years now and am afraid of anothr formula change and want to stock up on it.

I have paypal. Will not pay money orders or cash.

Help me?
Alright guys, help me figure out how to even this mess out.
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(no subject)
Ive had pink in my hair for years. I wanna buy some more atomic pink dye, but also wanna do my tips purple.

do you guys like pimpin purple better or deep purple better?
and where do you suggest buying special effects? Im in canada so have to buy it online and ebay is so overpriced.

heres a recent picture just for fun.pretty

Red based black dyes
I don't know if this even exists. But I want a red based dye as dark as I can possibly get one, without going brown. I am asking for a lot, I know.
The problem is that I have ash based hair naturally. I have been dying it Shocking Blue for the past year but had to dye it a "conservative" shade temporarily without having much time to prep my hair for this. I chose black because I did not have time to bleach, blend, tone, etc. Black hair, with a natural ash undertone and blue based dye underneath is having the unfortunate, and not unexpected, result of fading to a green/brown colour in many places, especially ones that are over processed. I have been told to use a dye with red undertones to counteract the ash, but it is not healthy enough to bleach out and redo in a red or purple, and I can only find black dyes that are blue based. 
Long story short, can I keep my hair blackish while using a red based dye? I look awful in swamp hair. 

Peach hair?
I am the best
So this is what my hair looks lik Right nowCollapse )

I was wondering how I could go about getting a pastel-y peach shade? Probably something like this or this basically a little less pink and more soft orange)  I've heard of mixing certain dyes, but I was wondering if anyone has done this before and what exactly your technique was? Thanks!

How to get my hair from purple to a reddy purple
Right now my hair is a mix of MP violet (highly diluted) with MP cotton candy and dip dyed with a slightly darker pink:

Photo 4

When my hair grows longer (which will take forever b/c i have hair just under my chin) I would really like to dye it this colour:


any help in finding a similar colour or mixture of colours would be great. Thanks!

Tame some hot roots?
I just dipped my toes back into red waters yesterday, because I've always been chasing that ginger dream but it always ends up too RED or too dark and I get frustrated and go back blonde. 
Anyway, I had about 4" of dark blonde/mousy brown roots, so I bleached them and then used L'Oreal Feria #74, Copper Shimmer I think, which is supposed to be amazing. It worked well enough, but the color looked like a ketchup stain on a white tee. And of course, my roots were super bright compared to the rest. (In retrospect, I wish I hadn't bleached the roots. I think I would actually *like* having my roots darker than the rest of my hair. Sigh.)

I used a dark copper blonde dye over the whole shebang this morning and didn't leave it in very long. I really like what's going on now, except the roots are still way too bright. Any easy fixes for this? 

My overall color isn't *quite* my dream color, but it's damn close. If I style my hair funky, then the roots don't look so silly, but I'd rather not have to worry about them. 

I'd upload a pic but I forgot my camera at my brother-in-law's house the other night :[ But here's a pic I took from my cell phone. The hair looks great here but it's because of the lighting, I took it in a dark house right under a lamp.
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Removing red tint from dark brown hair?
kid flash - zomg
For about a year I have been dying my hair with L'Oreal Excellence Creme Red Penny. It looked great and I loved it but I decided a few days ago I want to go back to my natural dark brown hair. So I thought some color remover (Color Oops) would be enough. And for the most part it was. My hair is a dark brown again but it has this slight red tint to it now. I do not want this red tint, I just want my brown.

I'm not sure what to do at this point. I am wary of the idea of picking up a dark brown hair dye because last time I did that it turned my hair black, like the fake looking kind of black. The 'are you wearing a wig' kind of black. I've read in places that picking a cool brown might help cancel out the red (cause apparently it has green in it?) but I'm still nervous about it going super black again. And I just think not getting anymore hair color involved would be for the best. Unless you all know something I don't, which is likely heh.

I'm also not sure if using another application of color remover would do anything besides traumatize my scalp and hair again ha ha.

Is there anything I can do besides wait for it to grow out? Any tricks or affordable solutions? I don't want a line to start appearing where one half of my hair has a red tint to it and other part doesn't. And my hair does grow fast, although not fast enough for me to tolerate the red. One of my friends thinks it'll fade but I'm not so sure. I just know it doesn't feel right with that red tint in it. :(


Well a friend recommended using Head & Shoulders (which I already got to try and fade it) and mixing some baking powder in then letting it sit in my wet hair for about 10 minutes before washing it out and then conditioning. They thought it might pull that bit of red out, they had heard of this technique before but had never tried it. So I thought "oh why not, I have both items anyhow".

Well my hair is mostly dry now and it does seem to be less red now. It feels closer to my natural hair color (or at least what I remember of it lol). I think I might do it one more time in a few days just to wipe it clean one last time. Waiting because I want to wait and see if it reverts back or not. But may be this is the solution I am looking for? Any thoughts on this?

Developer expiring?
girl\\cat hair
I dyed my hair last Monday, and I used a bottle of Schwarzkopf 3% developer that my ex's mother bought for me about 2 years ago. Now I am finding that the dye is STILL rinsing out when I wash, or put it in any sort of water.  I expect a little bit of wash off for the washes 2-3 times after, but this is still running off dark. 

Is it possible that my developer has gone bad? I didn't see an expiry date on it anywhere, but it is possible that I missed it somehow. I did use it successfully in June however. Should I redye with a new bottle of developer in a week or so? 

(no subject)
girl\\cat hair
I have been dying my hair for about 10 years, and for about 8 of them I have only been using professional dyes - schwartzkopf, generally - thanks to my former MIL and my great hair dresser. Now I've broken up with my ex, and I am also too broke to afford $100/pop hair colour every 2.5 months. I dyed it myself (with the help of my best friend) in June, and it is desperately needing to be dyed again.  I think I have decided what colours I want (dark plum base, with highlights and interspersed purple and pink), but I am not exactly sure how to go about it.  I have access to Sally Beauty Supply, and also through my best friend's aunt to the professional beauty supply.   

What would be the best process for me to do this? I was thinking three steps (week one: base colour, Week 2: highlights, week 3: pinks and purples), but I wasn't sure how far I should space them out. My hair is relatively healthy (some split ends) and is very soft. Should I do any sort of conditioning treatment in between? If so, what treatment? 

Also, what purple and pink dye brands last the longest?  I have heard good things about special effects, but I am uncertain whether or not it will last as long as I want.  My friend had a bottle of manic panic and Jean's Colour mixed together, and that as been in my hair since June and has remained very bright until just recently.  I don't know, though, whehe it was the Jean's Colour that made it last so long or the Manic Panic. 

Thanks for any advice :D