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I have been dying my hair for about 10 years, and for about 8 of them I have only been using professional dyes - schwartzkopf, generally - thanks to my former MIL and my great hair dresser. Now I've broken up with my ex, and I am also too broke to afford $100/pop hair colour every 2.5 months. I dyed it myself (with the help of my best friend) in June, and it is desperately needing to be dyed again.  I think I have decided what colours I want (dark plum base, with highlights and interspersed purple and pink), but I am not exactly sure how to go about it.  I have access to Sally Beauty Supply, and also through my best friend's aunt to the professional beauty supply.   

What would be the best process for me to do this? I was thinking three steps (week one: base colour, Week 2: highlights, week 3: pinks and purples), but I wasn't sure how far I should space them out. My hair is relatively healthy (some split ends) and is very soft. Should I do any sort of conditioning treatment in between? If so, what treatment? 

Also, what purple and pink dye brands last the longest?  I have heard good things about special effects, but I am uncertain whether or not it will last as long as I want.  My friend had a bottle of manic panic and Jean's Colour mixed together, and that as been in my hair since June and has remained very bright until just recently.  I don't know, though, whehe it was the Jean's Colour that made it last so long or the Manic Panic. 

Thanks for any advice :D

Pink + ???
So I've decided to purchase a wig and dye my hair pink again (yay!), but first I want to get to completely blonde, that way I have more options in terms of shades of pink AND other colors. Which leads me to my question! What other colors seem to work well with pink, specifically SFX Atomic Pink? Blue and purple have been the obvious colors that I've seen a lot of, but I was actually thinking about going with green. Has anyone tried this? (And did it end terribly?)

This is probably a really stupid question but..
zoolander - surprise
How do you know if your hair is in good enough condition to bleach just your roots? 

And for a second question. Has anyone lightened their roots only doing 2 or 3 low volume bleach baths?


Okay, so I have a bit of a problem. This Saturday I have a trial for a hairdressing apprenticeship, and I've been told that if I get the job... I'll have to tone down my hair. I've had unnaturally coloured hair for about six years now, and it's well and truly a part of me. It's been more or less EXACTLY the same for two years, although I've been growing out my natural colour [everywhere but my fringe.]

Since I have grown my natural haircolour out, I am planning on cutting off all the black in the lengths/ends and going for a shorter, choppier cut. I'll have to strip or go over the colour in my fringe, which will be hard but I'll manage. 

What I need help with is colour placement. I'm thinking that I'll do SOME sort of combo of my natural brown and white-blonde. But my google-fu usually shows me very... Generic looking placement. I want something which still looks very alternative and, well, 'me.' Think Christina Perri, Grav3yard Girl/Bunny Meyer, Daphne Guiness...


And for some reference, here is me...

halphalphalp This is how it all looks.Collapse )Blue, purple, black and brown hair hurrrCollapse )


I got the idea to bleach my hair again,

...please read the rest...Collapse )

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So I'm planning on dying my hair a blue-black color soon. I usually use Revlon boxed dye whenever I dye my hair. But if I want it a little bit more blue than what is advertised, would it be okay if I mixed in some Manic Panic blue that I already have? I know you can mix like MP and SFX but I'm not sure about boxed dyes since theres some extra added ingrediants etc in some. Thanks!

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cat, pusheen
Best bright red non-salon hair dye? I am stubborn/like to dye it myself even though people tell me to go to a salon.

Do I dare use Sally's Beyond the Zone hair dye or should I use Manic Panic? Or order Special Effects online?

Sorry if these seem like noob questions, as I poked around the community and couldn't find what I was wondering about.

Oiling dyed hair

I was wondering if it's ok to put coconut oil or olive oil on hair that has been dyed with Manic Panic or SFX? I already use the oils for conditioning and since I first have to bleach my hair to dye it, I'll probably need to condition it more. I heard that putting any extra product in your hair will fade the colour faster, but since I've never dyed it before, I thought I would ask here first to see if it's true.

Thanks for any help.

Going red - dying on top of existing dye
Hi, was wondering if anyone could help me!

My hair is currently permanently dyed (by the hairdresser) a natural-ish orangey/coppery red colour. I was thinking about using some Manic Panic Amplified "Infra Red" on top of this to give me some proper red hair for a little bit.

My question is: can I put Manic Panic dye on top of permanent dye?

I don't want to strip out the existing dye as that is the colour I'd like it to fade to, if that makes sense. And I definitely don't want to bleach my hair.

I've specifically gone for a red colour as I've heard you can get quite nice results with this when dyed over darker hair colours. I appreciate that it won't be bright red, but a sort of highlighted red, but I think that would look quite nice.

Would really appreciate any tips - I have NEVER used Manic Panic dye before!

Thanks ever so much.

Red -> Blonde
Hello :)
I have dyed red hair, but want to go blonde. Yes, I know this is a complete pain. I've tried it before and the results were messy, to say the least. But that was my own fault for not actually knowing what I was doing / using. I ended up with straw for hair.

After I got my hair back to normal, I decided I wanted red again. This was in November. I bleach-bathed it to lighten it, and used Live XXL Red Passion. I've been using that since.

The colour's pretty dull at the minute, as it's been about 7 weeks since I last dyed it. And my roots are awful xD

I heard Colour B4 was good for lifting XXL dyes, so I bought a box. However, after reading the instructions I don't think I'll use it. It says on it not to bleach the hair until a few weeks after use. This would be fine, but if I remove the red dye from my hair, I'll be left with this patchy, mismash of colours. Dark brown roots, oranges and yellows. It doesn't appeal to me.

So I was thinking instead maybe buying some Head and Shoulders, fading the hell out of the red, then bleach bathing it once a week?

Gah so confused. xD


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