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Help me?
fight_darling wrote in dyedhair
Alright guys, help me figure out how to even this mess out.

So here's where I started, and probably should have left it.

I used loreal hi color in red, and it lifted me like half a step and deposited the color you can see on the shine, but that wasn't light enough.

So I bleached (unevenly :/ ) and dyed it ion 7RR instense red. You can't tell as much from the photo but there were still some brown pieces underneath and my crown and roots where WAY more intense red. I needed to fix this because my office would have shit a brick had I come in like this.

I rebleached the darker pieces, mostly the ends, and tried to tone with a golden blonde.
So I did a soap cap to it pulled a lot of color from everywhere but the roots. They're still very red compared to my tips.The
How can I fix this? Should I just suck it up and dye it darker? Or just wait, it's not horrible if I don't wear it down and looks pretty decent in pigtails


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