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timbit_love wrote in dyedhair
Ive had pink in my hair for years. I wanna buy some more atomic pink dye, but also wanna do my tips purple.

do you guys like pimpin purple better or deep purple better?
and where do you suggest buying special effects? Im in canada so have to buy it online and ebay is so overpriced.

heres a recent picture just for fun.pretty

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I get mine from I haven't tried the purples though.

I'm a big fan of Wildflower, myself, but that's more of a bluish purple.

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This site is where I get all my dyes. I say Deep Purple, but I love love that shade.

brutal, 30 bucks to ship to me :( i'll have to keep looking. thanks though!

I got my best purples from layering a blue over pink (I've used Blue Mayhem over both Virgin Rose and Atomic Pink) It's great to me because the blues fade so quickly that you start off with a really deep purple and then it becomes a really bright purple (this is when my friend told me I had 'anime hair' ha ha) and ends up almost back to pink.

Other than that, I haven't used Pimpin Purple but that's supposed to be a light purple right? Because I think dark purple tips would look best with your hair now. That's just my opinion though! :)

Where in Canada do you live? Delerium sell it in store and online (they are in Waterloo). Borderline in Toronto sell it too...

funny you say that, i ended up going to borderline and picking up some bottles.

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