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Peach hair?
I am the best
redhandedjilll wrote in dyedhair
So this is what my hair looks lik

I was wondering how I could go about getting a pastel-y peach shade? Probably something like this or this basically a little less pink and more soft orange)  I've heard of mixing certain dyes, but I was wondering if anyone has done this before and what exactly your technique was? Thanks!

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I have not done that color, but I love it! I'd go with a bit of pink diluted with conditioner. Your hair is pretty yellow so you might not have to add orange. Good luck! It will be awesome!

I've gotten this color on accident by letting sfx Napalm that was done over very pink post-bleach sfx Atomic Pink fade a whole bunch. I never knew peach hair was a thing!

So I agree a diluted pink would work if your hair is as yellow as it appears in the picture. Maybe adding some tiny amounts yellow in to the pink to orange it slightly more. and maybe use a cupcake pink rather than a neon pink.

I second using Cupcake Pink as I feel like that one has faded on me to something closer to that color. It must be a pink with warmer undertones.

I've known two people who've gotten 'apricot hair' by accident (pretty much like the color you linked to but a bit darker) and both times I though it was really cool Ha ha, no one seems to know how to get it on purpose though!

pink and orange mixed and diluted with conditioner got me the peach. it didnt last long though because it faded far too fast but I didnt want it permanently anyway just a temporary color on my light blonde hair, so I would dilute it first, see if you like it then perhaps not dilute it if u want to keep it longer than 2 weeks

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