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How to get my hair from purple to a reddy purple
ancyentmarinere wrote in dyedhair
Right now my hair is a mix of MP violet (highly diluted) with MP cotton candy and dip dyed with a slightly darker pink:

Photo 4

When my hair grows longer (which will take forever b/c i have hair just under my chin) I would really like to dye it this colour:


any help in finding a similar colour or mixture of colours would be great. Thanks!

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Special Effects Burgundy Wine :)

Thanks I wish MP still made divine wine, it is the best colour for this!

thanks:) burgundy wine scares me a little because all the pics I've seen are different...some look sooo purple. But it is looking like the best option.

(Deleted comment)
thanks i did look at it was a possibility, i look at pics from the hair gallery on and the colour looks quite is hard to tell though, cameras and such.

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(Deleted comment)
thanks for the advice! it is a lot brighter!

I ended up using MP vampire red & MP purple haze & it worked out amazing.

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