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Red Hair Help
sunbeems wrote in dyedhair
Hey guys!!
So I have had red hair for awhile but I have been trying to get a "natural" shade of red. Right now its very "unnatural" red and im trying to get it to a more natural red colour with more orange tones rather than fire engine red.
I've used L'Oreal HiColour Red Fire but im unsure of what will get me this sassy orange colour. I would love to look like as natural of a redhead as I can

My hair now:
Outdoor: (You can see the dark line gradient I cant get rid of)

Indoor: Its quite dark still and im unsure if i need to bleach it.

What I'm aiming for:

Thanks for any help guys!


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Oh crap! I wish I had written down the name of my last color! I literally got the EXACT color in the middle picture of ones you want but I don't remember what I used. I went to Sally Beauty because I've just been feeling thoroughly fed up with drug store dyes. I'm like 99% positive I used Ion color: In fact, I'm almost positive it was this one and this shade (Dark Red Blonde 6R)

Also I mixed half 20 and half 30 volume developer. Mainly because I already had 30 at home and was afraid 20 only wouldn't be enough lightening for me (I have medium brown hair naturally) Not sure you have access to a Sally Beauty but I thought the L'Oreal brand you mentioned sounded like their professional stuff (??) so I'm guessing you get it from there or a similar type of store. If not, you can always order it! :)

Omg i'll have to check it out!
And I do indeed live near a Sallys & I have big ol' bottle of 30 developer that would work just fine, Thanks for the idea <3

30 wont lift your hair - you can't lift color with color. i don't want you to have fried hair and disappointment D:

That is the one I used when i fist coloured my hair and it was quite 'meh' but it was from dark brown hair. Would it work better now that my hair has been processed more & is red?

Colorfix + light bleaching session. You have to bleach. No color, will take you there, until you remove the darkness of your actual haircolor. For it to be truer to the actual shade. Since it's lighter.

When you say "light bleach session" what do you mean? what volume & how long would you reccomend?

10v or 20v at the most. 10 goes up 1 level and 20 is 2 levels. Do a test strand, because I don't want to say how long without knowing for sure. You can lighten your hair to pumpkin color, and it will be a perfect base for a copper blond, or strawberry blonde. :)

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