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Removing red tint from dark brown hair?
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rocketkatze wrote in dyedhair
For about a year I have been dying my hair with L'Oreal Excellence Creme Red Penny. It looked great and I loved it but I decided a few days ago I want to go back to my natural dark brown hair. So I thought some color remover (Color Oops) would be enough. And for the most part it was. My hair is a dark brown again but it has this slight red tint to it now. I do not want this red tint, I just want my brown.

I'm not sure what to do at this point. I am wary of the idea of picking up a dark brown hair dye because last time I did that it turned my hair black, like the fake looking kind of black. The 'are you wearing a wig' kind of black. I've read in places that picking a cool brown might help cancel out the red (cause apparently it has green in it?) but I'm still nervous about it going super black again. And I just think not getting anymore hair color involved would be for the best. Unless you all know something I don't, which is likely heh.

I'm also not sure if using another application of color remover would do anything besides traumatize my scalp and hair again ha ha.

Is there anything I can do besides wait for it to grow out? Any tricks or affordable solutions? I don't want a line to start appearing where one half of my hair has a red tint to it and other part doesn't. And my hair does grow fast, although not fast enough for me to tolerate the red. One of my friends thinks it'll fade but I'm not so sure. I just know it doesn't feel right with that red tint in it. :(


Well a friend recommended using Head & Shoulders (which I already got to try and fade it) and mixing some baking powder in then letting it sit in my wet hair for about 10 minutes before washing it out and then conditioning. They thought it might pull that bit of red out, they had heard of this technique before but had never tried it. So I thought "oh why not, I have both items anyhow".

Well my hair is mostly dry now and it does seem to be less red now. It feels closer to my natural hair color (or at least what I remember of it lol). I think I might do it one more time in a few days just to wipe it clean one last time. Waiting because I want to wait and see if it reverts back or not. But may be this is the solution I am looking for? Any thoughts on this?

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Have you tried Silver Shampoo? It isn't really a dye, but more like a blue colored conditioner that will chanel out some of the red in your hair I believe, and you used it every time you wash your hair so the change will be phased.. so you can stop whenever you feel it's enough.
I havn't tried it myself so I can't say how efficient it is but my mom have used is some, and she've never complained so, might be worth a try?

That looks really interesting but upon research it seems to cost about $30-$40 a bottle. I'll keep it in mind but I was hoping for something a little more cost effective and possibly immediate. :/

Wow, that's expensive O_O here (Sweden) I believe it's only around 10$...

The baking soda idea - I've never heard of it but it seems kinda cool, and you probably wouldn't need to use head and shoulders as long as the shampoo is ph balanced... anyway, could you let me know how it turned out after a few washes? Might be good to know for the future :)


I haven't done it since the first time and I've switched back to my regular shampoo (not sure if it is ph balanced). I plan on doing it one more time this coming week but my hair has gone mostly back to it's natural color (or at least it feels right, I need to wait for my roots to grow out a little to confirm). It has a verrrry slight red tint in certain light but IDK if that is remaining color or just my hair as it is. I will say though in the mornings since there is a few flakes in my hair but my mom just thinks that's my traumatized scalp healing (it was pretty raw after that stripper) and not an after effect of the H&S+baking soda. I don't normally have a dry scalp so that makes sense.

I'll try to remember to comment again after I do it. :D

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So I did it one last time and I think I got it all out. Won't know if my hair is fully normal again though till my roots start to really show by the end of the month.

What I did for each application was take one of those little tupperware cups, about the size of a fruit cup, and filled it about 1/3 with Head & Shoulders. This might vary based on how much hair you have, I have short hair.

Then I stirred in 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda (might be known as sodium bicarbonate in other parts of the world). I stirred it thoroughly, it began getting a slight whipped look too it.

Then I hopped in the shower and got my hair wet. I covered all of hair with the mixture and let it sit for 10 minutes.

Washed it out thoroughly and conditioned. Your hair may need to be conditioned a little longer than usual. Maybe even twice.

I wonder what would have happened if I had used this before the stripper, if it could have gotten the job done on a permanent color job. I imagine this would be perfect for blasting out a semi permanent color job (maybe even a demi) in one go instead of a several washes with a dandruff shampoo like H&S.

I had the same problem. Red! Eww... i also used the head and shoulders with baking soda and baby shampoo. Let sit for 15 min. Took all the black brown red color out, leaving a little gray.
Im a light brown and no matter what brown color i dye it, it always comes out way darker with the red tints. 😠 not sure where to go from here.

I was thinking of something like that. Or maybe something like a Manic Panic or Special Effects toner which is made to tone down the warmth of shades and would only run you $10-15.

I don't really know if the question has been answered yet but if you have brown hair with red tone.... the only way to dye your hair without having that red tone it is to only use hair dye with ASH in the name. For example, medium ash brown or light ash blonde.
No I am not a hairdresser, however I have brown hair with the annoying red tone and I am 30 years old and I have dyed my hair hundreds of times and I have always had that problem where I dye it red- it comes out orangeish or I dye it blonde- it comes out orangeish! Ugh!
Then a new neighbor moved in and was a hairdresser for 15 years and she told me about getting hair dye with the name Ash in it! The ash removes the red tone so your hair will actually come out the color that you want it to on the box!! Promise!! Ever since I FINALLY learned this, it has worked like a charm!!

Good luck!!

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